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Fate/Instinct: Memoire Spectrale-Prologue
'Smoke... Smoke... Why do I smell smoke...?'
These thoughts crossed a young man's mind. As he regained his consciousness, the young boy, barely in to a decade of life, began to sense other sensations.
The feeling of heat, the sound of crackling flames...
That could only mean...
The young man shot awake, realizing that smoke filled his small room. He leapt out of his bed, running to the door of his room. He grabbed for the handle, which sizzled as his flesh was burned. He retracted his hand as fast as his body would allow, adrenaline kicking in as he racked his brain for a solution. Without a second thought, he went with the first idea that came to mind: Knocking over the door.
Once with his shoulder, then twice, and finally with a stiff kick. The door, weakened somehow, crashed open, revealing the burning hellscape unfolding before his eyes.
'The Father!'
He turned to the direction where the Church Father's office and living quarters would be, only having just enough time
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 2 0
Fate/Instinct: Memoire Spectrale
Yes, I went back to the drawing board for Fate/Instinct. It occurred to me that there were just so many characters and side characters that the cast felt bloated and bogged down. 14 characters alone just with the Masters, plus another 14 on top of that. Then there were the plots, subplots, character development requirements, lore... Some writers are able to pull off a roster and world that size (looking at G.R.R. Martin when I say that), but I am not one of them, at least not yet. Relax, though, as some of the coolest scenes I thought of (and there are some) are going to be posted separately, assuming I can't find a place for them in this new Fate story.
But, enough of that noise, let's get to what y'all really came for: Which over-the-top historical personalities will we be having each-other fight this time?

:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 2 3
Soldier: 76 Has Got DEATH BATTLE In His Sights!

A.K.A. Jack Morrison, Commander Morrison
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Superhuman
Occupation: Overwatch Strike Commander, Vigilante, Soldier


Formed Overwatch during the Omnic CrisisWas appointed Strike Commander of Overwatch, making him Overwatch's first leaderFought an internal rebellion led by Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), which resulted in the destruction of Overwatch's Swiss baseWas officially labeled as dead in the explosion, but actually survivedSingle-handedly assaulted numerous former Overwatch stationsNever seriously harmed anyone, but did steal a mass of military hardwareFoiled a bank heistSingle-handedly engaged members of the Mexican gang, Los MuertosRescued a young girl caught in the crossfireEngaged in a fist fight with ReaperLost the fight

Superhuman AbilitiesPrior to joining Overwa
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 19 10

A.K.A. Gabriel Reyes
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Superhuman
Occupation: Blackwatch Leader, Mercenary, Overwatch Member, Soldier, Terrorist


Formed Overwatch during the Omnic CrisisBecame the de facto leader until after the Omnic Crisis
Led the Blackwatch arm of the Overwatch organizationBlackwatch was Overwatch's clandestine, black ops armPersonally recruited and trained Jesse McCree
Led an internal rebellion against Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76), which resulted in the destruction of Overwatch's Swiss baseWas officially killed in the blast, but in actuality survived as he is nowLed a Talon assault on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, nearly hacking in to Overwatch's mainframe in the processLed a joint assault with Widowmaker to steal the Doomfist Gauntlet from the Numbani Doomfist exhibitWas defeated by Winston and TracerLanded a sneak attack against Soldier: 76
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 14 5
Prince Xander Seeks Victory In DEATH BATTLE!

A.K.A. Marks, Marx, Prince Xander, Crown Prince, Crown Prince Xander
Height: Unknown (Speculated to be 6'5")
Weight: Unknown
Race: Human (Descended from a Dragon)
Occupation: Paladin, Crown Prince of Nohr, General, King of Nohr



Descended from a line born of the Dragon of DuskNamed Crown Prince by his father, King GaronActed as a father figure to all of his siblings after the death of his mother, Queen KaterinaReceived great power after being tested by the Rainbow Sage
Personally trained Corrin in swordplaySaved Kaze and Rinkah from execution alongside his brother, Leo
Was chosen by the divine blade, SiegfriedArrested Hans on unknown charges
Led a rescue with his other siblings to save Corrin and co. from a group of Hoshidan ninja, lead by Saizo, Kagero, and RyomaClashed in an even-sided duel with Hoshidan Crown Prince,
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 16 2
Prince Ryoma Strikes DEATH BATTLE!

A.K.A. Big Cheese of Hoshido, Lord Ryoma, Ryouma, Lobster Lord
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Human (Descended from a Dragon)
Occupation: Samurai, Crown Prince of Hoshido, King of Hoshido



Descended from a line born of the Dragon of DawnNaturally talented from a young ageNamed Crown Prince by his father, SumeragiHelped the nation accept his father's second wife, Mikoto, after the death of his motherWas chosen by the divine sword, Raijinto
Led a rescue to save his sisters, Hinoka and Sakura, from a horde of Nohrian FacelessFought an assailant who had destroyed the town square of Hoshido's capitalLost the fight, though he survivedThe assailant is revealed in Revelations to have been the spirit of his father, SumeragiClashed in an even-sided duel with Nohr's Crown Prince XanderSaved his son, Shiro, from an onslaught of bandits
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 15 3
Fire Emblem: The Radiant Kingdom
So, I don't think I need to explain this to anybody at this point, but I'm going to anyway.
I love Tabletop RPGs.
I love the idea of making a character uniquely your own and playing with virtually unlimited freedom. Wanna use a ballistae shot as a bat? You can. Wanna force a drunk worker to shit all over a table to get a store closed down? You can. And boy do I have a story on that one.
Point being, tabletop gives you a lot of freedom. And it lends itself very well to my very favorite series of games. No, not Dynasty Warriors, though I can see why you'd think that.
But the game series I truly love more than any other?
Oh, fuck yes.
As much as I love Warriors, there's just a certain allure to Fire Emblem I can never escape. And I remember it all. I remember setting out in a quest for revenge and justice as Marth in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I remember bashing in Ashanard's head in Path of Radiance. And of course I remember bringing down Grima in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Point being, Fi
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 3 2
DEATH BATTLE: Byakuya Kuchiki vs. Vergil
Lyn: That's it! We've analyzed strengths, weaknesses, and taken audience opinions in to account! Let's get this fight underway!
Xander: DEATH BATTLE time!
Within the Temen-ni-gru

Byakuya Kuchiki walked through the mysterious halls of the tower known as the Temen-ni-gru. Just the day before, he had been tasked to eliminate the owner of a bizarre spiritual power who had been tampering with powers he shouldn't have been.
Hollow-like beings in all shapes and sizes continued to attack Byakuya as he ascended the tower; Some died in a burst of blood, others were humanoids that turned to dust when defeated... Most single Shinigami would be fatigued after the kind of assaults he had repulsed, but not Byakuya. He had made it close to the top and he wasn't even winded.
They were simply too slow.
After a long climb, Byakuya managed to reach the top of the tower
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 26 7
DEATH BATTLE REMNANTS: StrikerEureka vs GundamGP02
Layne: That's it! We've analyzed the weapons, the skills, the tactics, and taken audience opinion in to account!
Xander: DEATH BATTLE time!
The Shatterdome
The alarm blared. Everyone in the facility could hear it. The gruff Hercules Hansen was woken from sleep by his son, Chuck.
"Come on, old man, get up!" Chuck pressured like an impatient child. Which, of course, in many ways, he was.
"I'm up, dammit," Hercules growled, "I'm up!"
"We're getting ready to deploy," Chuck informed his father and co-pilot, "Suit up and don't waste time!"
"What kind of kaiju we lookin' at, eh?"
"No idea," Chuck laughed back.
"Come on, kid, don't fuck with me..."
"No, I'm serious," Chuck replied. This time, it was clear he was serious if a bit too excited. "Come on, then, suit up!"
Within hours, the mech they both piloted, Striker Eureka, had landed in the pacific ocean, it's wat
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 3 0
DEATH BATTLE: Li Shuwen vs. Akuma
Lyn: That's it! We've analyzed the combatants' strengths, weaknesses, tactics, and taken audience opinions in to consideration! Let's get this fight underway!
Xander: DEATH BATTLE time!
Inland Jungle, South America


The deepest jungles of South America... The sounds and scents and sights would be enough to cause many to gaze in amazement.
Such was not the case for one, dark-skinned man, his red hair in a topknot and wearing a dark purple martial arts gi.
Cupping his hands together, he forcefully thrust them forward, a violet ball of fire disrupting the flow of the waterfall he had been standing in front of. Momentarily, the flow of water ceased, not a bead of sweat or indication of panting apparent on the martial arts master apparent.
"So," came a voice from nearby, "You're the one known as Akuma that I've heard so much
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 19 5
Kobayakawa Hideaki Serves Up DEATH BATTLE Hot Pot!

A.K.A. Kingo, Hashu Hidetoshi, Shusen, Kingo Chuunagon
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Race: Superhuman
Occupation: Daimyo, Samurai, Warrior, General
Theme: Hideaki Kobayakawa Theme


Was adopted by Toyotomi HideyoshiLater was adopted in to the Kobayakawa Clan by Kobayakawa TakakageThis indirectly makes him Mouri Motonari's grand nephewFought in Hideyoshi's campaign to invade China and KoreaSome believe he was the one who contributed to its spectacular failureFought at the Battle of SekigaharaOriginally fought for the Western Army, but later defected to the Eastern Army

Peak Human StrengthManages to lift and swing his iron pot with little difficultySupremely ClumsyMost of his attacks involve him falling over and flailing around helplessly
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 10 0
Servant Sheets : Ishikawa Goemon


Region of Origin & Time Period: Asia (Japan), 16th Century A.D.

Qualifying Classes: Saber, Caster, Assassin

Weapons: Wakizashi, Kunai Knives, Shuriken, Smoke Bombs

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Birthday: Unknown

Image Color: Metallic Grey

Likes: Doing the Right Thing, Avenging Injustices

Dislikes: Despotism, Oppression

Talents: Ninjutsu, Theft, Getting Himself in Trouble

Natural Enemy: Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Nezumi Kozou, Ashikaga Yoshiteru, Ashikaga Yoshiaki


Strength D
Endurance C-
Agility A
Mana D
Luck B
Noble Phantasm B


Magic Resistance D (Saber)
Cancels Single-Action spells.

Riding C (Saber)
Territory Creation
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 4 1
TROPIFIED! Fate/Resistance Servants


Anti-Magic: Has Rank C Magic Resistance.
Lightning Bruiser: Has an Agility Rank of A++ and B Ranked Strength and Endurance.
Weapon of Choice: Swords.
Hero of Another Story: The main hero of the story Peter Pan and Wendy.
Red Baron: King of Fairies.
Armor is Useless: All he has is a leafy tunic and tights, neither being armored.
Do Not Call Me "Paul":
Hates being called the King of Fairies because it sounds "too old". He prefers Prince of Fairies.
Jack-Of-All-Stats: His lowest stats are B Rank by default (Strength, Endurance, and Luck)
Dual Wield: His Noble Phantasms, Codfish and Fairy Dust.
Meaningful Name: "Pan" is a Greek child's name meaning "God of Flocks". Considering his role in the Peter Pan story, it's very appropriate.
Cool Sword: Two of them, though one is more of a dagger.
Innocently Insensitive: Never afraid to say what's on h
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 5 0
Servant Sheets : Bernard Fokke


Region of Origin: Europe (Netherlands)

Time Period: 17th Century (Through to 20th Century)

Qualifying Classes: Rider

Weapons: Cutlass, Twin Pistols, Ship-Mounted Cannons

Alignment: True Neutral

Gender: Male

Birthday: Unknown

Image Color: Black

Likes: Swift Travels

Dislikes: Bad Weather, Being Cursed

Talents: Sailing

Natural Enemy: The Devil


Strength D
Endurance A
Agility A+
Mana B
Luck E
Noble Phantasm A+


Magic Resistance B
Cancels spells with a chant of three verses or less.

Riding A+
Even Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts can be ridden.


Innocent Monster C+
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 4 0
Fic Pitch: Fate/Instinct Masters
So, with Servants announced, time to talk Masters.


The would-be head of the Beauregard clan, he's thrown his lot in with Clan Yggdmillennia, earning him ire from half of the clan he ostensibly leads. This half has chosen to support his twin brother, Baptiste. Because the Beauregard Crest allows two to hold it in the event of a personally weak clan head, Baptiste has the Crest as well, strengthening his claim. His Servant is Cao Cao, the Duke of Wei who fought to unite a people oppressed by the corrupted Blue Heaven of Han.




The enigmatic wife of Matthew Yggdmillennia, she and her husband were found by Darnic early in the days of the 2nd World War. A person with massive amounts of mana in her body but unable t
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 2 0
Fic Pitch: Fate/Instinct
30 years have passed since the last Grail War. A winner was unclear. A mad homunculus drove the world to war. Two clans were left without heads. Descending in to a struggle to take advantage of the power vacuum, these clans inadvertently damaged each-other to the point of near-oblivion.
One has fallen, absorbed by another clan.
The other fights for its very survival, its only savior being an alliance with other clans.
And now the Grail War begins anew, though now the world of normal men also threatens to enter the world of the Mages again.
The Grail War is about to begin.

Yeah, it's been done before but I tried thinking of other options. Vietnam, Spanish Civil War, I even thought about going all the way to Desert Storm, but that particular instance would've been long after the politics created by the Fate/TRIGGER Grail War had been resolved, at least mostly.
For now, though, we talk Servants, since I know that's what you're here for!
Images included so you can get
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 4 7


Mature content
Salt and Pepper :icond-mizton:D-Mizton 365 24
Mature content
PT : 2b ,Nier Automata [2] :iconkachima:kachima 555 12
Mature content
Livestream Sketch 567 :icondakuroihoshi:DAkuroihoshi 136 2
Gilgamesh and Enkidu :iconhotpppink:hotpppink 998 45
Fate/Reforged: Flavius Aetius/Rider
Last alteration to the list, I swear. I just thought that this would be a better choice than Charles Martel.
Name: Flavius Aetius
Title: The Last True Roman
Class: Rider
Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Lancer, Shielder
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Relic: The head of his spear
Likes: Rome, performing services, Rider of Gold
Dislikes: Officially running the show
Natural Enemy: Rider of Gold, Emperor Valentinian
Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: B
Class Skills
Magic Resistance
A/A++: Ranked up due to his Magister Equitum Noble Phantasm.
Personal Skills:
Military Tactics
Expert of Many Specializations
Proof of Friendship
Noble Phantasms:
Magister Equitum: Barbarian Training for the Ultimate Horseman
Anti-Army C+
Manifestation of Rider's training as a horseman by the various barbarian tribes he lived among in his early life, leaving him with a love for steeds and result in in him being named "magister equitum" or "maste
:icontohokari-steel:Tohokari-Steel 2 0
RWBY: Propositions :iconexvnir:Exvnir 160 53 Ice Ahri :icondaraya-crafts:Daraya-crafts 700 59
Mature content
COMMISSION: Hot Spring Scramble :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 884 43
Music Concert for One :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 275 74
Fate/Terre Feerique: Berserker
Originally made by :iconDimension-Dino: and pic made by the awesome :iconxKiiro-me:. My bro consented to let me sheet this for my story.
Name: The Beast
Class: Berserker
Other Qualifying Classes: Caster
Alignment: True Neutral
Region: France
Time Period: Middle Ages/Renaissance
Gender: Male
Natural Enemy: Prince Charming/Saber
Strength: A
Endurance: B
Agility: B
Mana: C
Luck: D+
Noble Phantasm: 
Class Skills:
Mad Enhancement
E: Despite his nature, this creature never truly went insane. His behavior can be described as animalistic and it does trigger stronger when angered. While he receives no real benefit, he does maintain the capacity to think and communicate clearly. It's even possible to come to a mutual understanding with him.
Personal Skills:
Berserk: Grants the user the ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination. It also has the bonus effect of increasing melee damage.
B: Allows him to enter into a controlled frenzy, wh
:icontohokari-steel:Tohokari-Steel 4 4
Mature content
RWBY: Hallucinations :iconexvnir:Exvnir 207 46
Eevee Pokemon Gijinka Cosplay Kimono Dress :icondarlingarmy:DarlingArmy 163 7
Mature content
Meteo capricieuse :iconalexanderlegrand:alexanderlegrand 193 14
Mature content
Breaking Black Widow Book :icondblinda:DBLinda 158 25
Mature content
February Raffle stream: Doggo :iconcommanderrab:CommanderRab 153 3
Symmetra :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 2,427 38

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